Let us start with a bold claim: most B2B sales and marketing is absurd theater.

Sales and Marketing teams spin their wheels optimizing workflows and have just accepted low productivity gains (more salespeople = more activity) and quick channel deprecation (more activities or dollars needed over time to get the same result) as inevitable.

Everyone knows this is not sustainable or efficient.

It is the rare CEO or sales leader who isn’t at least a little ashamed uncomfortable with the things their prospecting and lead generation teams need to do to meet their targets. Maybe they don’t want to spam future customers with generic emails, unsolicited phone calls, and $10 gift cards either?

Meanwhile, the list of vendors selling incremental sales and marketing “tech” steadily grows. Many of these vendors charge for use ‘per seat’, which (best case) encourages their customers to keep growing their teams.

This also means that your company’s first impressions are usually made by the least experienced person on your team.

The simple answer: fix sales prospecting by automating it. You can have your cake and eat it too. We discovered a tribe of technically inclined growth leaders pioneering the way at the fastest growing B2B companies — like Segment, Rippling, Gorgias, Brex.

They are able to monitor all their potential customers for buying intent at scale.

They do this by making very expensive investments in infra, engineering, and data to collect, combine, process, personalize, and route the data to their campaigns in real-time. They are very rare though, and most B2B growth teams are bringing squirt guns to the thermonuclear war for prospect attention they are actually engaged in.

Till now.

We have teamed up with some of these pioneers (folks like Guillaume Cabane) to build software that lets any ambitious growth team replicate this approach without breaking the bank. Our pilot customers are using our tool to automate the most painful, repetitive, error-prone parts of outbound sales. This means more revenue with less, more efficient activity.

It starts with a simple question: What do customers do before they need to hear from you?

Once you’ve identified the critical pain your customers feel at this moment, Ultrarev can monitor for those signals across your entire potential market in real-time. The result: high value, personalized messages only sent to prospects when they need it the most.

Here’s an example: one of our customers sells AI-enabled security software to large commercial facilities (car dealerships, warehouses). Ultrarev combines all the data available to them to identify locations where their prospects have facilities and detect rising instances of property crimes in those neighborhoods. They are then able to alert the right person at their target account via synchronized, personalized emails and physical mail campaigns. This means more relevant conversations for their sales team, with much less effort.

Some of our pilot customers are seeing 15%+ reply rates on their cold outbound email campaigns with the automations we’ve set up for them. We’re just getting started, but it’s great to see feedback like this from some of our earliest partners:

A boom in data vendors, remote work generating more online activities available to track, and the success of product-led growth models means there is an ever-increasing amount of intent data for our customers to get creative with.

Ultrarev is on a mission to unlock exactly that creativity. We want to build a world where selling is a delightful job — one where practitioners employ creative tactics to help those who urgently need what they are selling. We are starting with outbound prospecting today, but are an ambitious crew… (you should consider joining us :). Stay tuned for more soon.

Meanwhile, if automating your outbound sales is an urgent priority for you, we would love to help your company too. You can find us on or reach out to me for more information.

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